Hospital Survillance System

Deft Hospital Surveillance Systems help to identify local problems and priorities and to evaluate the effectiveness of infection control activities.Surveillance systems need to evolve with changes in health care systems. An active, reliable, time-efficient system is needed, which is based on standard definitions. Electronic systems have revolutionized the concept of surveillance, facilitating automatic tracking, feeding back information to central agencies and analyzing data from multiple hospitals using standard definitions. Thus, automated surveillance systems are now recognized as potential drivers of health care quality improvement.

Deft Surveillance systems depend heavily on using standard definitions, which is a major lacuna in hospitals. Inter-hospital and national comparisons can only be done if a defined criteria is used for identifying a particular infection. Today, Indian hospitals are facing severe problems of escalating MDR infections. In the absence of standard diagnostic definitions, infections like ventilator associated pneumonia, urinary tract infections and catheter - related blood stream infections may be grossly over-diagnosed, prompting injudicious use of antimicrobials, in turn promoting drug resistance, and thereby tremendously escalating the cost of treatment.

Establishment of proactive electronic surveillance networks, which identify and monitor each indoor patient from the time of admission for development of infections; guide the preventive activities; and monitor the rates of HAIs, based on CDC - defined criteria are needed in our hospitals. Deft has developed a software for surveillance of all hospital acquired infections and monitoring preventive measures like compliance to preventive bundles for device associated infections.

The development and running of this indigenous software has been funded by the Indian Council of Medical Research for AIIMS TRAUMA CENTER,NEW DELHI.The AIIMS TRAUMA CENTER has named this indigenous software as ASHAIN(an acronym for Automated Surveillance of Hospital Acquired Infections)for AIIMS TRAUMA CENTER. The software has both data entry and analysis components.

It has different modules for entry and analysis of the demographic details, details of injuries and management etc.; Components for surveillance of Ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP), Catheter-related blood stream infections (CR-BSIs), Catheter associated urinary tract infections (CA-UTIs), and clinical sepsis based on the definitions of CDC; Details of microbiological samples received, which can be sorted out patient-wise, ward-wise or organism-wise; Susceptibility profile of all microbes; Details of antimicrobial consumption (patient and ward-wise); Generation of graphic reports of rates of all Device associated infections and monthly distribution of pathogens and their antibiogram; Compliance to preventive bundles for VAP, CR-BSI and CA-UTI etc. We envisage undertaking this activity as a foundation for establishment of similar networks in other hospitals of our country.

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