Online Examination system

If you run an educational or vocational institute, training academy, have an education-based website or you run an online knowledge portal, you will definitely benefit from the Online Examination System. This unique software makes it very easy for the testers and students by providing a suitable examination environment. The Online Examination System primarily is a multiple choice questions-based system that allows you to create tests and assess students within the organization and those in remote locations. The interface is simple for all the concerned parties – students, administrators and test correctors.

Understanding the Online Examination System
This unique software provided by Deft Infosystems allows test conductors, administrators and students access to different aspects of the software. The administrators of the software have administrative access that allows them to handle the entire gamut of the software, including different subjects, tests, questions, answers, recovery and backup. Basically, the administrators have complete access to all parts of the software and are responsible for its management. The test conductors can use the software to prepare the tests. Lastly, the students – all they have to do is open the URL and answer the multiple-choice questions and wait for the results.

Features Present in the Online Examination System
You will be amazed at the vast array of features that are included in this software. It makes the entire evaluation and results automated. Some of the unique features present in the Online Examination System include the following:

• Seamlessly manage users, subjects, questions, answers and tests
• Evaluation and results are automated and do not require any manual input
• Test conductors can get detailed data and information
• Both students and test conductors can get test summary and result summary at a click of a button
• Helps keep the test paper secure until the examination begins
• The software is compatible with all browsers ensuring that students and other concerned parties get optimal viewing experience regardless of the browser they use
• The software has WYSIWYG editor that allows the test conductors to prepare the questions easily and effortlessly

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