E-Learning System

E-Learning has become very popular, with students and working people realizing the benefits of it. Today, even companies use a variety of e-Learning tools to ensure that they can impart knowledge to their workers regardless of where they are based. Having an e-Learning system can help organizations improve the learning of their employees and ensure that this learning can be translated into productive results. One of the best e-Learning systems is being offered by Deft Infosystems. This software helps you create a more effective and better e-Learning environment that is efficient and shows results.

Using Deft e-Learning System to Create Better Courses
The e-Learning system from Deft Infosystems has been designed with the learner in mind. It not only allows you to design innovative and interesting courses using multimedia, but also let you adapt them to the needs of the learner. The trainer or instructor first assesses each learner and based on the outcomes of the assessment, the course can be designed to improve the areas of weakness. As a result, the learner has a clear understanding of the course.
The e-Learning system helps to create and develop e-Learning courses that ensure that the learning objectives of the student are reached or even surpassed.

Benefits of Using the e-Learning System by Deft Infosystems
The e-Learning system from Deft Infosystems offers the following benefits:
Adding voice over: This allows you to easily record comments to make your slides and presentations more interactive and interesting.
Recording video narrations: You can record your voice to synchronize it with your video to ensure that you offer students something that is more interesting, interactive and unique.
Customization: The e-Learning software allows you to customize the course player, so that you can choose features, layouts and colors to make the course player more effective and efficient.
Adding Advanced Quizzes: You can judge the effectiveness of the course by adding quizzes and surveys to not only get a feedback from the students, but to also measure their learning.
Using Interactive Templates: The e-Learning system allows you to explain facts in a clear manner by making use of interactive templates, like FAQs, directories and 3D books.

Features in the e-Learning System
• User management
• Management of courses, lessons, curriculum and categories
• File management
• Exam builders
• Variety of communication tools, such as glossary, forum and chat
• Progress tracking
• Enrollment method
• Assignment builder
• Reports generation
• Methods of authentication

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