Campus Management System

Running a campus can be overwhelming and challenging. However, if a college or a University makes use of a Campus Management System, they will find that many of the tasks can be performed effortlessly. If you are running an educational institute and looking for a simple, user-friendly Campus Management System then Deft Infosystems has the solution.

Features of Campus Management System by Deft Infosystems
The beauty of our Campus Management System lies in its simplicity and usability. The interface of the system makes challenging tasks easy and prevents cluttering. It is a robust system that can be used on any computer and works efficiently every time. All necessary information can not only be captured, but also stored immediately. This does away the need for repeated data entry and also helps in reducing errors.

The Campus Management System from Deft Infosystems allows a college or a university to maintain the following information:

• Student portfolio
• Course registration
• Library management
• Learning tools
• Financial information
• Admission information

Deft's Campus Management System is vital for educational institutes looking to improve their efficiency. The software helps to synergize the workflow amongst faculty, students and administration without spending too much money.

Benefits of Using Campus Management System
This software is an intranet and Internet-based web application that can help administrative staff, faculty and students gain access to and use the data. It allows them to access relevant reports and manage day-to-day processes. The aim of the application is to ensure efficiency, process streamlining, proper control and accountability within the college or university. The architecture and design of the software is such that it helps in smooth e-governance. It has advanced features and offers real-world information flow.

Some of the advantages of using the Campus Management System by Deft Infosystems include the following:

• Limitless customization
• User-friendly with self-explanatory screens
• Secure storage and retrieval of data
• Seamless integration of financial, administrative and academic management systems
• Reliable and comprehensive
• Automatic updation of data
• Scalable
• Ability to generate graphical and custom reports in a variety of formats
• 24/7 customer support

Using this application, institutions of higher education can save themselves unnecessary paper work and ensure smooth and transparent operations in all spheres.

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